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Exploring Arusha: Where Safari Meets Adventure




Embark on an exhilarating journey into Arusha National Park, a captivating destination where the excitement of safari meets the thrill of adventure. Located near the bustling town of Arusha in Tanzania, this park offers a diverse tapestry of landscapes, from lush montane forests to open savannahs and the iconic Mount Meru towering above.

Join us in discovering Arusha, where every moment is an opportunity for adventure and wildlife encounters against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty. This is safari redefined, offering a blend of excitement and exploration in the heart of Tanzania’s wilderness.


Northern Tanzania is where Arusha National Park is situated. The national park is one of Tanzania’s and Africa’s smaller national parks, with a total size of 53 square miles (137 square kilometers). Arusha National Park is sometimes referred to as the sister park of Kilimanjaro National Park, which is situated immediately to the east of this park. Both parks see a lot of visitors, especially those who love mountains.

Tanzania’s second-tallest mountain, Mount Meru, is located there after Mount Kilimanjaro. At 14,968 feet (4,562 meters), Meru is only little higher than Kilimanjaro. One mountain can be seen from the other on clear days. The fifth-tallest mountain in Africa is Mount Meru, a dormant stratovolcano. The park is abundant in natural elements while being tiny by national park standards.

Three separate sections make up the park. The Jekukumia River receives runoff from the Meru Crater, which is situated in the park’s western section. The summit is located on the lip of the crater. The park’s southeast section, where Ngurdoto Crater is situated, contains a varied grassland ecology. Birds flock to the Momella Lakes, which are found in the northeastern section of the park, to feed on the algae that is growing there.

At the foot of the mountain, the surrounding forest is home to a wide variety of animals and numerous birds. This park is a birdwatcher’s heaven because it has 400 different species of birds.


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